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Do you have a window that you would like to secure at night, or to give your self more privacy during the day, but you can’t find a window treatment that suits you? These cute indoor shutters might just be the window treatment that you are looking for.

Made of 1/4 inch thick plywood, or pine boards, they are very country style but could just as easily be painted to be a Victorian house or a Christmas village if you’d like to just use them at the holidays.

Easy to make and a fun project to work with your family on, make two sets to match up the windows in your kitchen or dining room.


Saw, circular or jig saws

two way hinges (one set of two per panel in your shutters

acrylic paints


1 sheet of plywood, 1/4 or 1/2 inch thick.

measure the inside edge of your window, from side to side and divide by 4 or 6, depending on how many houses you would like to have in your shutter.

Subtract an inch two two inches, depending on your hinges so that you leave room for the hinges to attach.

(i.e. if your window is 36 inches wide from edge to edge, and you want four houses, each house would be about 7.5 inches wide, taking into account that you will need an inch or two for the room that the hinges will take up.

using a yard stick, find the proper width for each house and draw a straight line in that length, then draw the line up on each end, to the length that you want your shutters to be.

Measure the exact width of your panel and then, moving above the parallel lines by three inches, find the exact center and put a dot there. Using a yard stick, draw a straight line from each side to the dot.. this will give you the roof angles and peak.

Using the proper safety equipment, cut out your panels.

lightly sand the sides and face of them to smooth and paint each as you would like it to appear, using some of the ideas from the image shown here.

Coat each panel with polyurethane

Attach the hinges to each panel where the roof peak begins and about two inches up from the bottom. Attach a pair of hinges from the side of the window to the first panel.

On the other end, you might like to use a brass hook and eye so that the shutters can be secured in a closed position.

We have sometimes taken small pine boughs or wreaths and using a thumbtack, attached them to the houses for Christmas decorations.


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