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Victorian decorating is a layered ostentatious look. Florals, dried flowers, needle pointed and cross stitch accessories and amazing hues and textures.

Mix your colors, using subtle shaded of mauve, purple, deep green and red, dark burgundy and deep blue, and don’t be afraid to add some crochets, velvets and metallic laces when redoing a room in the Victorian decorating style.

Select chairs that are upholstered in flame stitch, velvets, brocades, or embellished with needlepoint or crewel embroidery, and add throw pillows, arm covers and head rest covers of the same.

Victorian is layered, subtle, elegant and stylish. Queen Anne style tables fit well with this style Victorian decorating, as do ornate wood tables, the curio tables that have been wildly popular lately.


Wing chairs with wooden arms and highly polished carved feet and lets on sofas, as well as wood trims, thick carpets or hardwood floors covered with floral or oriental scatter rugs is typical of this time period.
Use a wide array of tables, carved, deep wood hues, spindled end tables and porcelain lamps atop a crocheted doily on them for decoration.Use a variety of occasional tables – carved, bamboo, faux bamboo, marble-topped, spindled – near the seating. Set traditional-style lamps, especially porcelain ginger-jar types, atop the tables, with crocheted doilies underneath.

Your windows in a Victorian Living room will be elaborate, and include swags, perhaps needlepoint tie backs, corded or fringed draperies and sheers embroidered with beading and tassels.

The walls might boast portraits of your ancestors, large carved or bronze framed mirrors, plates and platters or botanical prints in ornate frames. Oval frams and gilt mirroring with hooks below are part and parcel of the Victorian experience.

You might like to attempt to add some realistic moldings, such as crown molding near the ceiling and a border that provides a scrollwork design higher on the wall near the molding.

Your accessories would be a grandfather clock, carriage clocks, silver or brass candleholders, ornate china candy bowls and glass paperweights as well as perhaps an old style radio or tiered wall shelves with china figurines, the more ornate the better.

Embellish the room with tall baseboard moldings and stacked crown moldings. Place a wallpaper border with a scroll, shell or faux-relief motif near the crown molding.

Even if you have carpeting in your room, patterned area rugs, such as scrolled designs, leafy prints or florals, cabbage roses will work well.

The furniture main pieces might include deep tobacco brown leather furniture, or a very ornate cabbage rose, or velvet set, which would set the tone of the room nicely..


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