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Wall paper was not in common use until just about fifty years ago primarily because it was cost prohibitive.

With the advent of the more readily manufactured papers, they were still difficult to clean.

And so, wallpaper went out of style for a while in the 80s and 90s, but it’s making a come back!

Today’s wallcoverings are a different matter entirely, with durability and cleanability, they are easier to use and far more practical as well as cost effective when redecorating a home.

Coordinating Wallcoverings in an entryway
Coordinating Wallcoverings in an entryway
Aside from the beauty that wallcoverings can give you, a few other reasons to use them are the practical ones.

Wallpaper is durable, and very cleanable, particularly given the new vinyls that are available now, which are not only scrubbable, but also completely strippable and can be easily removed, making the change of decor nearly as easily accomplished as repainting.

Wallpaper is one of the easiest and most effective ways to completely change our decor. By the application of a wallcovering you can afford the room a look of richness or antique style because of the extreme variety of color palettes, the new textures and designs and the faux looks such as plaster and parchment that are now on the market.

Wallcoverings will add texture, depth to a room that was missing, by the use of intricate patterns, coordinating colors and textures and have the ability to affect our emotional well being and lift our attitude and spirit by the inclusion of added dimensions, such as an energetic feeling, a serene mood or a springtime boost in our decorating.

Design Idea for a Panel of Coordinating Wallpaper
Design Idea for a Panel of Coordinating Wallpaper

Wallpaper can, by hiding small problems with the walls themselves such as uneven plaster or a bad wall spot, also add to the value of our rooms and ultimately to the home itself.

Wallpaper is not, in fact just for covering walls anymore. It can be used for many decorating projects:

  • Lining a china cabinet or bookcase
  • Covering switch plates or electrical outlet covers
  • Cover waste cans, pencil holders, any type of box
  • Covering picture frames, or creating a mat for pictures
  • Cover a tabletop and protect with glass that is cut to fit
  • Laminate for decorative placemats

Unusual bottom border placement
Unusual bottom border placement
Using ideas such as these, you can create coordinating or matching accessories for nearly any room in your home and enhance the decorating style considerably.

Lately we’ve turned our attention to the rooms of our children with a view to designs that enhance their moods and patterns that will offer them a sense of stability, pleasure and pride in the room.

Teaching a child can even be accomplished by the use of learning tools such as building blocks incorporated into their room design.

One more reason to use wallpaper in a childs room, aside from the durability and long lasting aspect, both of whcih are more than welcome in the room of a child.


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