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Uses by and large as a detail for the interior of a home, molding, (which is in effect a decorative edge of wood or another material that we use for baseboards, cornices, chair rails and other types of trim, ) gives beauty to the room by adding dimension to an otherwise flat surface and creates highlights, shadows and other aspects.

Moldings tend to go with tastes in architecture, and have evolved and changes very greatly in even the past few years.

Durnig the late 1700 and early 1800 just as an example, designs were mimicing the ancient Greek and Roman homes, and in contrast to that, by the early Victorian era, very fancy ornate scrolls and scrollwork were in favor, with florals also very popular.

Moldings are significat in another way as well since they not only decorate, but also can help to serve a more practical function, that being to hide a slight gap, to solve a design problem or to keep something from showing up too greatly.

In many cases molding is used to cover a seam in panel board or wall paper that shows up too greatly, or perhaps to help change the appearance of a room by changing its proportions, or at least changing the way its proportions actually look.

For example, painting a cornice, or ceiling level molding a shade darker than the background or wallpaper can make a ceiling appear lower if it is inordinately high, while the opposit is true as well, as a white molding next to a white ceiling can make it appear higher and loftier.

Using moldings in varying ways will give different results.

If the baseboard and cornice moldings are of the same dimension, such as is seen here,on the right they will balance each other.

Seen in this fashion, the molding is used as a chair rail and adds a great deal of dimension to he wall. Many people use the chair rail a bit higher to balance the room and define the halfway point, rathr than to raise the eye.

Using molding in this fashion, will raise the eye to the roof height and make the ceilings appear higher. To use art upward, toward the ceiling near where the molding is seated will also enhance this look.


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