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Particularly at this time of the year, we are all searching for the perfect gift, however, gift giving is not confined to just Christmas.

Often times we find ourselves needing a gift for a spouse at the holidays, for an anniversary, or a birthday gift for a brother or sister, who is involved in woodworking

Gifts for the handy person don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and many of those which don’t are useful and necessary items.

One of those useful items that can be had for under 25.00 dollars is this unique but perfect and very necessary tool.

Any woodworker is going to appreciate your thoughtfulness when you find them a way to organize better.

It’s not necessary to leave the expensive and oh so necessary woodworking clamps lie around in a tangled heap when you can save space and hang them on the bar clamp rack, available from Hartville Tools.

Give your woodworking genius the knowledge of how to take the pile of wood in the back yard and turn it into a beautiful piece of furniture when you purchase one of the many wonderful books on making rustic furniture that can be found.

Using simple methods of construction and the many free materials that exist, you can make one of a kind tables and chairs for yourself using this wonderful instructional book.
Making Rustic Furniture, by Daniel Mack, guides you through how to build your own rustic furniture using free, or mostly free items you can find in your own back yard or lying around in the forest.

Every woodworking shop should have an air filtration medium.
Dust in a woodworking scenario can be hazardous to your lungs, but also can create a serious mess for your shop, the small particles laying on nearly everything that is a flat surface and some things that aren’t.
The JDS Air Tech is equipped to handle the problem, providing you with cleaner clearer air where you’re working.
The JDS will clean the air in a 30’x30’x8’ shop once every 10 minutes, to keep your room clean. The system filters will take out just about 99 percent of the dust particles that are as small as five microns in size, and circulate the air in the room without affecting or lowering the room temp.

While it works best from the ceiling, it is also able to be used on a table top or work bench.
Retailing for about 300 USD for the smaller models, this is an investment in your health and I personally consider that a small price to pay.


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