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If you have a window in your home that won't open, read this how to guide.
If you have a window in your home that won't open, read this how to guide.
Windows are one of the most major sources trouble in a home, causing heat loss in wintertime, or perhaps may swell from the damp spring or summer weather as well as be painted shut from the redecorating efforts.

Your windows are one of the most unique focal points of your home, but they can also be one of the biggest trouble areas as well. We’ve all run into one at some point or another that was painted shut and was a bear to open in the springtime. And if your windows don’t open, what’s the point?

One type of issue that you will face at some point as a home owner will be the window that simply won’t open. Double hung windows, particularly those which are used in older homes will very often stick shut, or in some cases have been painted shut so that they will not open unless that seal is broken.

Usually the solution to the stuck window is something simple such as breaking the paint seal and clearing the tracks so that the window can move freely.

The Tools you will Need to Unstick a Window:

  • Putty Knife or Paint Scraper
  • Chisel Sandpaper
  • Lubricant
  • Small Pry Bar

Steps to Unstick a Window that Won’t Open:

  1. It will sometimes take time and a bit of elbow grease to unstick the window but heres how it will work for you. Be certain the window is unlocked.
  2. Look for signs of a sealed window, such as paint in the window frame or between the window and lower casing.
  3. Put the blade of a stiff metal putty knife or paint scraper into the joint where the window meets the window sill, and test to be sure that the paint seal is broken if it did exist.
  4. You may have to lightly tap the handle of the putty knife to force it down into the crack if the paint seal is a larger one.
  5. Also, be certain that once the inside paint seal is broken, that you check the outside as well to make certain that when the outer aspect of the home was painted that the paint didn’t seal it closed from the outside.
  6. If the outside looks to be stuck or painted shut, repeat the procedure on the outside.
  7. A window that is well and truly stuck may require the use of a small pry bar, carefullly applied at the botton, to open the window prior to being able to scrape the excess paint from it.
  8. Once you have unsealed the window, check the tracks in the window sash, and clean out the excess paint, dust or any other foreign materials that might be stuck in the tracks. carefully remove it with a scraper or screw driver, being extremely careful to not gouge the wood of the track.



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