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Your toilet is the one thing in your world that we all need to work properly.
Your toilet needs to fill up, it has to flush most definitely and it will do all those things, we hope with minor noise and without overflowing.

Your toilet is most likely gravity fed, and as such has a fill valve, that has been attached to a supply of fresh water, which it controls.
The fresh water connection will feed through the bottom of the tank.

That valve that controls the flush, discharges the water from the tank into the toilet bowl and is made up of a flap that lines up to a hole and blocks it, and also is attached to the tank bulb

The lever is made up of an arm and a flush handle. When you press the flush handle, the lever inside picks up the flapper, and lets the water flow down into the bowl and down the drain.

Toilet designs are not complex, but still a few things can go wrong with them. Parts of them can wear out, break or corrode, and when that happens, the toilet with either not flush, or the water won’t flow down into the bowl permitting it to flush, the water may run continuously or the seal may not be holding down near the floor permitting water to escape under the toilet.

Water Trickling

When you have not flushed the toilet in some time and you can still hear water running, or trickling into the toilet, you will know that the shut off valve has not turned off the water.. This will tell you that either the float valve hasn’t risen, or the flap hasn’t shut.

You will need to look down inside the tank on the back of the toilet and check to see if the water is still running from the refill pipe, and take steps to stop it.

There is a float ball suspended from a rod, at the top of the back tank, and on the end of it is a copper or plastic bulb, that floats.

If the rod is bent in any way, you will need to straighten it, but do so carefully, using your hands to do it rather than tools so that the rod does not break.

If the rod is very straight and the bulb is not resting on the waters surface, there is most likely a leak in the bulb, and it will require a replacement.

Additionally the water tank level might be set overly high which you can adjust.
To do that you will find a clip on the edge of the link of the ballcock, or water bulb. Squeeze the two sides of that clip and push it downward on the link to adjust the water level.

You’ll find the clip on the ballcock link. Just squeeze the two sides of the clip and push it down the link to adjust the water. Float cup-type fill valves also feature a water-level adjustment clip on the cup mechanism.

If you have tried checking to assure the chain, suspending the flap is not rusted or snagged on something, is not tangled, the float is working well and the bulb is floating, them most like the fill seal is having a problem and you will need to replace the entire assembly.


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