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One of the woodworking hobbyists first big ticket item on the wish list, will most likely be a table saw. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a DIY spouse, a table saw fits the bill for a Christmas gift or is the perfect anniversary present.

There are three types of table saw that are available for purchase, which are the bench saw, the contractors saw and the cabinet saw. Each has positive aspects as well as some drawbacks.

Each variety comes with a standard set of things such as blade guards, guides and so on, there are also custom options available that make for more accuracy and better cutting capabilities.

The Bench top Table saw for instance, has a direct drive motor, retails for usually under 500 dollars and is quite reasonable for a hobby woodworker, and is highly portable, so that you can take it with you to work with a friend.. It is however a smaller surface, for some jobs does not have the power it needs and isn’t nearly as accurate as the contractors or cabinet models.

The Contractors Saw, while being less portable, does have some extra power and has many of the features that you will find in the cabinet saw, while still being reasonable to take with you to work elsewhere. Prices for this will range from 600 USD to a bit over a thousand so it is going to be more costly but its also more accurate and more powerful than the bench top model

A Cabinet Model Table Saw is built primarily for the professional or the serious DIY’er who wants to be able to do a bit of anything at all and have the power to do it. Prices are going to be higher, between 1000 and 2000 USD, will be far more powerful and will be belt driven by a much larger motor so far as horsepower goes.

They feature larger work areas, heavier bases, and great accuracy, but are very difficult to transport and are heavy to move.


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