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So you think you are in love with that fabric. The price though is something that no one could love.

Many of the most unique and lovely fabrics can be quite costly, some as much as 25 to 50 dollars per yard, which makes it difficult to keep your costs low and still decorate with that fabric!

It is however possible to use the fabric that you’re in love with to decorate if you use it wisely and use each scrap that you purchase to make something contrasting or small which will be a focal point in the room.

The fabric that you purchase is usually only enhanced by the mixture with another fabric, particularly one which not only has a different color, but also a different texture, which gives visual and tactile interest to the piece you make with them.

Make the most of your expensive fabric by following these helpful tips. Photo by passitonplates.
Make the most of your expensive fabric by following these helpful tips. Photo by passitonplates.
A pillow will use it wisely, and make each piece that is used a focal point in the room, however can account for about half a yard, which can be affordable regardless of the price. A few ways in which you can stretch the expensive fabrics and still make the most of it include:

Pillows – Use the expensive fabric to make an oval or square throw pillow, and back it with another less costly fabric.

Table Runners – Using a piece of contrasting fabric, place the right sides together and stitch it, making a runner that is not only reversible, but also double thickness. Flat projects are easily accomplished and work up quickly.

Fabric Quilts – Another way to stretch a more costly fabric is to make it into squares and use the squares in contrast with others to build pillows, quilts or table runners that feature the fabric you love so much in smaller quantities, which are enhanced by the use of a contrasting fabric or two. If the fabric that you like is something you really want to showcase, an idea that you might try is to use the more costly fabric for either an edging on your draperies, or as a header piece, which is to say that the rods will run through strips of this fabric, while the lower aspect of the drapes for curtains wil be of a contrasting, less expensive fabric.

The same method might be used to utilize the fabric in a bathroom, or for a bedroom, try edging on a comforter, or as strips on the edges of pillow covering, with matching smaller toss pillows for the beds.

Do you know other ways to make the most of expensive fabric? Let others know how to stretch their budget creatively by leaving us your comments.


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