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The natural look of a brick or stone floor is absolutely stunning and is one way to bring the charm of the outside indoors with you. It was used in this remodeled barn, which is amazing in its decor and its keeping to the original stucture while making it a marvelous living space.

One that is just outside of Cooperstown Pennsylvania features flooring much like this and is truly a showpiece, rustic and charming and definitely with enough space for a family.

During the summer the folks who own the home nearly live in it because the brick stays so cool underfoot and help to sort of enhance the greenhouse look of the room, which keeps its atmosphere of warmth and greenhouse type living well into winter.

In this room salvaged bricks are what were used to make the floor reflect a warmth and charm that is reminiscent of another time altogether.

As you can see, the stone flooring , which is made of bluestone, adds a rather outdoorsy effect and creates the atmosphere of a terrace, providing a smooth transition betwen the outside and the inside.

Aside from its remarkable looks, it is very long wearing, durable and will take high traffic nearly forever. Although it does have a rugged look to it, you can see that it is also compatible with the most elegant chintz curtains, and would go well with a light lace in summer time.

Stone flooring is easily maintained with just a few steps each day.

Dust mop and or damp mop it daily.

Stone is porous. Clean up any spills as soon as you can.

Don’t use products that contain high acids like lemon cleaners, ammonia or vinegar since over time this will take away the sheen of the floor.

Never drag heavy objects across a stone floor as it wil chip or scratch your stone slabs. Stone flooring such as this can be purchased for your own castle if you like by visiting the folks over at Tuscany Tile and Stone


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