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Square Foot Gardening is a technique that was developed by Mel Bartholomew, back in the 70’s. Mel Bartholomew is a retired engineer, who instituted a system of intensive planting in a book entitled Square Foot Gardening.
He describes his technique as a “system of laying out planting and maintaining a productive, attractive garden in just about any amount of space.

The square foot garden is based on grids, of one foot by one foot squares, with plants or single seeds planted in carfully marked off spaces,permitting you to make the most of the water, the soil, the fertilizers and everything else that is necessary and produce the greatest amount of food or herbs that you can produce int aht small space.

The square foot garden tends to take less than a quarter of the space of the traditional garden, and also a quarter of the work, of a row style garden, while giving back the same harvest that a garden two times the size would produce when planted in the traditional method.

“The square foot system lets you make the most of your garden space to conserve the amount of water, soil conditioners, and labor needed to produce a maximum amount of food in that space. A square foot garden takes only one-fifth the space and work of a conventional single-row garden to produce the same harvest.”

If you think you might be interested in learning square foot gardening, pay a visit to the Official Web Site of Square Foot Gardening and Mel Bartholomew.
and let me just say that

This summer past, we raised vegetables in two square plots. Each of them was about 5×5 and were across the yard from each other.
I grew rosemary, thyme, basil, lavender, fennel, chives and oregano in one, while in the other, peppers, potatoes, lettuce, pole beans, cucumbers and tomatoes.
The harvest was amazing for areas this small and I am sold on the technique. I’ll be learning more about it myself before next summer.


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