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Around December most people aren’t really thinking about Spring except as a whimsical reflection. Nonetheless, this is a good time to start watching for sales on whatever you’ll need for spring garden preparations. The prices now are going to be lower, and if you took inventory during Fall clean-up, you’re ready to watch for the ultimate bargains. If you get even one item a week, by the time Spring rolls around you’ll be ready to get outside and back in the swing of gardening.

If weather allows it, clean and re-organize your shed or storage areas in late February. Double check to make sure you didn’t miss any important repairs during Autumn’s reviews. Also make sure the shed itself is weathering the seasons adequately. If you find any issues you can repair them as soon as the temperatures/conditions allow.

Spring Gardening Preparation
Spring Gardening Preparation

For most people March signals more activity. Realistically you don’t want to plant until you’re sure the threat of frost is gone. While you’re waiting for Mother Nature’s cooperation, get a soil kit and see how successful winter mulching and composting have been. If you need to add any organic matter, now’s the time to do it. And try really hard to be patient. If you sow too early most seeds will not propagate correctly.

After making sure your soil is healthy, look at your trees and bushes. Some may need a little TLC, especially if its been a harsh winter. Prune as needed, clean out unproductive branches and inspect for any molds or fungus. If you find anything, treat it as soon as possible or you’ll be battling it all summer too!

If you have a lot of bulbs and perennials, Spring is the perfect time for separation and sharing. Get together with your friends who garden and exchange what you don’t need. For example, day lilies grow exponentially. I have supplied most of our neighbors with enough for all their projects.

Spring Gardening Preparation
Spring Gardening Preparation

In terms of weeds, there is no such thing as starting prevention too early. Pull what you can see, turn the soil, add weed block or mulch and stay on top of it. If you find you’re weeds are winning, you may want to consider a heavy-duty weed killer. The only caution is that some of these kill other plants and grasses, so use them with care.


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