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Southwestern Decorating has become far more popular than it has ever been the past few years, and increasingly, even those who live in the northeastern parts of the US and in some UK homes, Native American design and elements are being used in home decorating.

Southwestern decorating is a more casual, nearly rustic, easy going decor, that uses natural fibers and natural materials to offer a style that can be both elegant and stylish, as well as easy care and easy living.

Some of the elements that you might use in your southwestern style living room or bedroom are a southwestern rug, some of which can be viewed at Navajo Rugs.

Pottery and basketry are a large part of the native American and Southwestern decorating elements and no home decorated in the southwestern decorating style would be complete without them.
I use them to add a bit of spice and color, apart from the theme colors, a splash here and there of something brighter and different will stand out, add a focal point.
A wall, with several staggered sand paintings, or a sand painting, and small shelf with pipes and pottery would be a nice focal point for a southwestern room.

My own living room is decorated in Southwestern decor with a few twists, such as the wrought iron mirror with the leaf designed doors that fits in well.

The russet walls and beige berber carpets are set off by the dark woods and black leather furniture. The mirror and black wrought iron candle holders on the walls actually work well with the southwestern decor although they are not specifically of like style.

I love sand paintings, and find that they can really make the room, when hung in groupings. They are not overly costly if you select them from one of the many native stores online and they truly create a very southwestern feel to a room, particularly when combined with some earth tones, and native woven blankets tossed across the arm of a chair to ward off an evening chill.

I have in my home a dark oak wooden glider rocker and recovered the cushions in dark chocolate leather, which I replace with red and green plaid covers at Christmas. Tossed over the back is a dark gold throw of soft yarn that picks up the gold colors in the area rug in the center of the room. In the chair is a pillow that I made from cross stitch on dark brown aida, that is stitched in some native colors and patterns, adapted from an old afghan pattern, which I’ve included below for you to make one or more of you own.

The pattern might be used to make some small sachets to toss on a table, holding herbs and essential oils, or a pillow, or even to cross stitch in yarn to be used as a throw on your sofa or chair.

Toss pillows add comfort and style to a room and can draw it together. Beside the chair sits an ironstone vase that’s very native/southwestern design that holds some dried flowers in summertime and fall, and switches to pine boughs and artificial red berry springs at the holidays.

Native American pots and baskets for accessories and ornamentation are also an integral part of your Southwestern decor. They add texture and visual interest when placed on a table or even in a strategic area beside a chair or sofa holding branches or cattails.

Wall decor, as well as of the Southwestern decorating elements might also include wildlife photography, or paintings, as well as groupings that include a table holding some statuary or Native American articles with a single light above spotlighting them, or a single painting.

These statues and textiles may also give you some ideas of your own to implement in your southwestern Decorating scheme.

Furniture you might select would be overstuffed leathers, hard wood with cushions, or even the very rustic twig or log furniture would fit, as well as simple woods. Any of these will suit your southwestern or native American decorating plan very well.

One of the beauties of this type of decorating is how flexible it really is, and how easily it lends itself to nearly any type of furniture , even modern black pipe and glass variety can easily accept the dark potteries and baskets that are part of this type of decorating.


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