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Being Blackfeet, nothing is more interesting to me than Native decorating. That is inclusive of those things from my own area, but also from further southwestern areas, Hopi, Navajo and Apache, which are magnificent in their colors and craftsmanship.

There is nothing so attractive as a room done in the native colors. The russets and browns, deep sage greens just have a feel to them that is unparalleled in any other type decorating.

The colors just seem to resonate through you when its right don’t they. My own passion with Native accessories began with some that were passed along to me through the family and with learning what they were, who made them and how they were painstakingly and lovingly crafted for family use. It gave me an interest in Native decorating and textiles that has lasted and grown through the years.

One of the most important aspects of the native, or southwestern style are the native American accessories, such as the sand paintings, the weavings and most importantly, the rugs and loomed goods.

Hand loomed Native American rugs and other textiles are beyond any doubt, real and tangible works of historical art. THey are items that take many months, if not years to create, and are part of a full and rich history that dates back to over three hundred years, when weaving was first introduced among the Navajo.

While weaving is a part of their history, it is also a part of the future of the tribes. Nearly every artisan who weaves agrees that now, with the resurgence of such textiles as alpaca wool and the introduction of silks into their weaving that this is one of the turning points in the Native American history and crafting

The weavings of the Navajo and truly Native American textiles, is standing at a crossroads, a whole new chapter in what is already a fully history.. Those who purchase a Navajo rug at this time in that history, will purchase not just art, but a beautiful and durable piece of history that will become a family heirloom.

To view Navajo sand paintings, rugs and other textiles, visit Navajo Rugs.com.

Your Native American living room can take many styles and colors, but stay primarily with those which are found on the prairies and deserts of the southwest.. Rich full reds and muted greens, and colorful teal blues are all found in the works of the Native American craftsman and will be at home in your living room.
Accessorize with photos or paintings of wildlife, soaring hawks, owls and the black bear, arre among the things that will look and feel right in your southwestern decorating scheme.

My own living room is a deep red, reminiscent of the painted desert colors, and sand paintings as well as hanging native bells are a part of it.

Wolves and desert tortoises are some of the animals that find their home there in photographcs, while black leather sofa and love seat work well with the red walls.

The deep russet gold pillows and textured curtains echo the golds that are part of the berber rugs and draw the rooms colors together, while the dark woods, the coffee table and hutch that houses my computer work station are also at home in the room.

I feel comfortable there where the old rustic coffee table invites me to put my feet up when I watch television, and although it is not strictly native American, it works with the combination of styles that the room is created of. With a bit of imagination you can find your own style or incorporate those parts of Native America that you would like to be a part of your room.

Whether your home is a little or a lot Southwestern decorating style, Native American textiles and weavings add immense depth and dimension to your any room.


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