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Even the very smallest kitchen or kitchenette can be big on looks and style.

Smaller rooms are a challenge in that they are not always easy to decorate making a clean look.

Too much on the walls and floors tends to make the room appear smaller and less inviting than it might otherwise, while you don’t want them to appear bland and tasteless either.

You will want to avoid chunky, overlarge furniture such as the butcherblock style, and perhaps move toward a bistro look in a kitchen that is smaller in size.

Avoid a lot of clutter, such as many things sitting on counters, or hanging on the walls, but instead opt for a cleaner look using some tricks to maximize the space you have available to you.

While many people will tell you that darker colors are not possible to use, that is in fact not the reality of the situation.
You may indeed use darker colors in the room, if it has a great deal of natural light, or if you use them wisely as they won’t make the room seem overly smaller when done correctly, as seen here. Although this color scheme is more light in nature, the idea of using one color to make the space seem larger is clearly shown here, with the cabinets and walls nearly the same color.

The key to painting a room that is smaller in a smart way, even using dark colors, is to use all one color, or, monochromatic, so that the space is not broken up making it seem smaller than it actually may be.

Another of the rules to be broken, you might want to paint a single wall an opposite color, and perhaps add a texture, which makes that wall seem to be further away, and will add a note of interest to the room as well.

Consider adding some shelving at the top of the room, perhaps above the cabinets or over a doorway, which tends to draw the eye upward and make the room appear larger.

You will also want to avoid having some of the larger pieces of furniture such as a bakers rack or the table near the areas of entry and exit so that it doesn’t gain a cramped feeling.

Consider using a breakfast bar that rolls away and will sit against a wall rather than in the center of the room, and perhaps use it as the rooms focal point, so that if it is on a far wall, it will make the room appear more spacious than it actually is.

For some big bold ideas on decorating smaller rooms, take a walk through the paint ideas over at the Home Depot.


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