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These shelves could not be easier to accomplish and look like they took hours.

I built mine directly to the wall, screwing the uprights to studs to make sure that the shelf was secure and was going to stay where I put it. We needed extra space for towels, wash cloths and bathroom items and the only readily available space was a bathroom corner that wasn’t being used, and was in fact what I considered to be wasted space.

Using just a few simple pieces of pine and some precut uprights (furring strips) we built an open shelf to hold our bathroom items that looks absolutely wonderful and keeps the towels at arms reach from the shower and readily available to guests.

It might also be useful in a living room area, or kitchen for holding spare pots and pans, mixers or bowls.


3 pine furring strips, or two inch wide boards, about 7 feet long

1 pine strip, or molding, one inch wide, one inch thick, about 4 feet long

4 pieces of pine triangular in shape, with the sharp edges cut off about a half inch in, OR

pine board, six feet long and 8 inches wide

Circular Saw

Drywall screws, 2 inches long, brass or gold in color

cordless screwdriver

fine grit sandpaper or sanding block

stain or varnish of the color you want.

wood putty

Step one: Measure the corner that you are going to be using and find the angle of it.

Step Two: Cut four shelves to fit the corner, the correct length on each of the two corner sides. Cut off the pointed end of the triangle that will be seated in the corner, about one inch in, so that it will match the board that will be the corner support.

Step Three: sand the rough edges of the shelves, seal them and set them aside.

Step Four; Cut from the four foot long board, 12 pieces of the board, about two inches long, and sand those, stain or seal and set to the side.

Sand the rough edges of the uprights and stain and seal. Allow to dry

Stand the board that will be the corner support against the wall so that it angles across the corner. Angling your drywall screws so that they will be seating into the wall, secure one on the left side at the top, one on the right side, down about 12 inches, and continue in the same way, alternating sides with the screws, inserting one about every foot until you reach the bottom.

Measure the length of the side of your shelf and attach the other uprights to each wall.

Take the two inch supports and finding the spot where each shelf will be seated, measure down from the top, and secure the first three, one to each board.

Settle the shelf on top of them and secure it with a single finishing nail that goes up through the support and into the shelf.

Continue to add each of the other shelves in the same fashion.

Using the wood putty, dot it over the drywall screws to cover them and dab stain over the top.


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