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I don’t know about you but I love to change my bedroom as the seasons change. Unfortunately my budget has limits, as I’m sure that yours does too.

Renovations can be costly, but a facelift, to completely change a room with the exception of the furniture, can be inexpensive but still make a massive difference in the room and in your mood when you see the changes that you’ve effected.

To begin with, take a long hard look at your room.

What is it that you want to change. Just some colors, the tone and mood, or really and truly, the entire look and feel of the room?

For me, it was the whole thing. My tastes have changed and I’ve evolved in what I like and don’t like.

I am and have always been mad for anything that has anything to do with Egyptian history. So I decided to go Egyptian.

My own long hard look at the bedroom had me asking, what can I use, and what do I need to change that won’t fit in.

Color for one. The room was stark hospital white. Carpeting was a berber, cream and flecked with brown, it will do with what I want to achieve for my room, so it stays.

Curtains, a nice shade of off white, embroidered with gold and beads, in a nice flame stitch.. they will do, topped with a scarf valance I think I can make the look I’m trying for.

My furniture is a dark oak, very heavy high headboard, matching dresser.. They will work, A. because I can’t afford to replace them and B, because that type wood furniture, will go with nearly anything you want to do as far as decorating goes..

Wall decorating.. A few floral prints.. definitely out, to be replaced with.. well we’ll find that when the time come.

Bedding, gold metallic and deep burgundy patchwork. Dressy looking and a definite keeper. We’ll find something to coordinate it with.

Small animal statuettes on the dresser and desk.. gonzo. those we can replace at a yard sale, at the local hobby lobby or even, for a few dollars we can purchase some bisque ones and paint them myself.

We’ve got a plan.

I think, for the type of room that I want, the colors will need to be a deeper sand color on the walls, and Behr paint gave me the perfect color for about 15.99 a gallon. The texturizer, a powder that is poured into the paint is about 4 dollars for enough to treat a gallon.

For twenty dollars, we’ve now got a sandstone colored, and textured wall. The texturizer was easy to apply, just pour it into the paint and mix it slowly and then apply with a roller to gain the look of an old sandstone wall.

It’s come off perfectly, but now, I want a bit of a look of dark and light, so for about 2.00 dollars, we got a quart of darker brown paint and mixed it with the rest of the sandstone, ragging it on to make the imperfections you might have seen inside an old temple in ancient Egypt. I’m in love with this part of it.. and ready to move on.

A visit to Royalty free pictures netted me some free photos of Khufu and Khafre, the pyramids at sunset, which I printed on a photo printer using good quality photo paper and installed in some inexpensive (2.99 x 2 for the 8×10 frames that I painted with a gold gilt metallic paint (Delta ceramcoat, 1.29). If you don’t have a printer available to you, an easy way to accomplish it is to take them on a disk to walmart, where they will do a poster sized photo for you for about ten dollars.

I went to a few good Egyptian sites and made myself prints of my name done in heiroglyphs which I framed, and took my own photos that were taken at Tuts tomb, added those, printed out and framed in groupings on the north wall, which has two very large windows in it.

I then paid a visit to Hobby Lobby, and to Ebay and began to gather some Egyptian replicas and statues. I purchased three on sale at Hobby lobby for about 5-7 dollars each, marked down from 18 and 19 dollars for a total cost at Hobby Lobby of 16.00USD

Ebay gave up one if its treasures as well, at a cost of about 15.00 including shipping, I purchased this replica of Tuts Mask for the dresser.

As a gift, my son purchased a replica of Bastets iconic statue of a cat, which coincidentally I also rescue, so I was in love with this one.

Walmart rendered its own treasures to the room in the guise of nine yards of metallic cloth, three yards for each window, to make a scarf valance that draped beautifully over the top of the sheer gauzy curtains that were embellished with gold embroidery. I had to sew just two ends on the valance scarf.. The perfect complement for the sheers. I purchases an additional yard to add to the bed as toss pillows. It was absolutely idea on the top of the deep burgundy and gold metallic comforter, and the pillows drew the gold metallic valances to the fore, pulling the room together.

Our total so far was only about 55 dollars so we went hunting for an area rug to throw in the middle of the room, over the berber carpeting and found this lovely replica rug, called, strangely enough, Luxor, for a price of about 30 dollars on sale bringing out total to about 85 dollars for the redo which included statues, rug, valances, paint, texture and accessories for the bed.

We took the additional twenty dollars to walmart and purchased 2 lovely philodendron plants for about 14.00 bringing our grand total to 99 dollars USD for the completed bedroom.

A dollar under budget isn’t bad for what we’ve done, and it can be done using nearly any theme you have in mind if you aren’t afraid to paint and tackle things yourself.

In total, with making the valances, pillows and painting, we had about 13 hours into the room, which included taping off before we painted and I don’t find that at all excessive for what we saved in the overall redo.


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