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Even if you’ve never sewn anything before, a simple square throw cusion to be used on the sofa or the floor will be a breeze to make and add a lot in comfort to your home.

You can use any weight of fabric to make the cushions, or toss pillows from lighter cotttons to heavier damask or upholstery fabric.
You could make a batch of these in coordinating fabrics, or to match your decor, contrast with it or mimic it.
THey can be left plain or made fancier, using lace, braided cord or a simple twisted cord edging can be sewn on by hand once the cushion is completed.

The directions below here are for a simple square pillow which can be tossed on a sofa, bed chair or even on the floor to enhance the looks of your room as well as your comfort level whiel you are in it.

What you will need:
Square cushion pad in the desired size. Or Pillow Stuffing or Foam square
Fabric of your choice
Any edging that you might desire
Thread to match your cushion fabric

Measure your pad that you purchased, or determine how large you would like your cushion to be
leave a one half to 3/4 inch seam allowance all the way around

Cut two pieces of the fabric that you’ve chosen.

Lay the two cut pieces of fabric right sides together

Pin the two pieces of fabric together and stitch it, using either a straight stitch on your sewing machine or else a simple up and down rocking stitch motion to sew by hand, leaving an opening in the center of the fourth side which measures about four inches.or large enough to insert the cushion pad.

Isert the cushion pad and using a simple straight stitch, turning under the raw edges sew it closed.

If you like, stitch around with a small backstitch and add your edging.


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