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Recycling is always encouraged all over the world.

While some countries are still developing a good program for their recycling issues, the United States has around 9,000 curbside recycling program.

Almost all neighborhood has one and if there are none, you can go to the nearest recycling drop-off center. REDUCE, REUSE and RECYLCE.

Tips for Recycling

  • Familiarize with your Local Recycling Program
  • If you are recycling, recycle the right way. Familiarize yourself with the recycling rules in your neighborhood. Make sure that whatever you have in your recycling bin can be use. Ask a list of additional things that you can recycle or donate to them.
  • Don’t Forget to Reuse

There are a lot of things that can be used again and again. They don’t need to be thrown out. Some of them are:

  • Paper – use both sides of the paper before recycling
  • Plastic Bottles – after emptying the bottle, rinse it and fill it up again with your drink. Think of some crafts that can make use of these empty plastic bottles.
  • Clothes and Toys – when your first child has outgrown them pass it on to younger siblings or cousins. Or donate it to the local charity shop
  • Plastic Bags – use them for your other packing needs. Bring one whenever you go out and use them instead of asking for a new one.
  • Cans and Bottles – Recycle these too. You can design them for decorative purposes.
  • Recycle for a Good Cause

Some schools and non profit organizations collect newspapers, magazines, old books, catalogues for their recycling advocacies. They will get money for this from recycling companies and they in turn donate this money to certain charitable institutions. So, indirectly, you are also giving to non profit organizations. You can also recycle other things that you don’t use to these organizations and they can in turn sell them to raise money.

  • Recycle Computers and other Electronics Wisely

If you have those old desktop, laptops, or electronic gadgets, don’t throw them away. They have harmful chemicals that can leak and is hazardous to the environment. Donate them to the local charity if they can still have some use for it or check with the manufacturer if they have a recycling program for them

  • Give your Old Cell Phone to a Worthy Cause

If you are still lingering with what you can do to your old cell phone, check with some local government units that needs them for social and civic causes. Or the same as your old computers check with the store where you brought it and ask if they have a recycle program.

  • Paint, Batteries and Car Fluids

We all know that these three have hazardous chemicals in them. We are not supposed to throw them away. We have to dispose them properly. Check the places where you brought them and learn the right way of disposing them. They also might have their own recycling program for these things. If not, go to your neighborhood recycling center and drop them there.

  • Recycle Everything Else

There are still many things that you can recycle. Almost all the things that you see around your house can be recycled. Some of them you might consider giving away to help others too.

Teach your children the wonders and importance of recycling. Teach them while they’re young. And let them pass the message on RECYCLING.


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