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Replacing a roof is the one thing every home owner dreads. Its also the most important aspect of your home and aside from the home purchase itself, it will be most likely the biggest expense that you as a home owner will need to take on during your time in the house.

HIring a roofing contractor is not always best decided on price along. Be sure to check references and hire a licensed roofing contractor.
HIring a roofing contractor is not always best decided on price along. Be sure to check references and hire a licensed roofing contractor.
Because it is one of the most costly aspects of your home, and because it is the one thing that stands between you and the elements, and damage to your homes interior, making sure that its done right is something that is an absolute necessity.

We’ve all heard the horror stories haven’t we, of the contractor who took the money and literally evaporated into thin air, leaving us several thousand dollars poorer and without a functional roof. To prevent that from happening to you, follow a few simple rules to find the right contractor to assure that the job you pay for is exactly the work you receive.

A few things to remember are these: Always check references and check for licensing. Door to door solicitors are probably not going to give you the job you want.. very often they offer to do painting, roofing or other work at a lowered price. Because they are soliciting door to door usually means work is low and in many cases, they will take payment and do no work. Avoid these folks or if you do take them, pay as the work is accomplished and furnish your own supplies.

Any reputable contractor will permit you to check their license, review their references or get other bids. If this one is pushing for an immediate commitment, run a mile. A deceptive contractor will sometimes offer to give you a free inspection, and then claim bad plumbing, bad wiring or a roof that is about to fall in. You, being alarmed by his scare tactics will agree to let him perform work that isn’t necesssary.

Don’t be prey to this kind of scam. Find a family member or a friend, or a home inspector to give a once over to your home if you are not knowledgable in this area. NEVER go with a contractor who demands a cash payment, rather than a check, and don’t permit them to push you into paying more than a reasonable down payment. By law, your down payment can only be ten percent of the contract price or one thousand dollars, whichever is the lesser amount. Anyone who wants more than this is probably not someone you want to deal with.

Get a written contract not a verbal one. Unless it is spelled out in writing what you receive and what they receive you have no real recourse if your job isn’t done properly. As you make payments, never let the payments made be ahead of the work accomplished.

Visit Roofing-Articles.com for more information on roofing contractors and roofing materials.

One place you can go to find a reputable contractor in your area is The National Roofing Contractor Association. Check out scams and frauds in your area by checking with the Better Business Bureau, to make sure that the company you hire is not on their list of those which are perpetrating fraud in the area.


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