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Ceiling fans are useful and functional as well as adding a striking good looks to your home. They can provide a cool summer effect even in the wintertime, imparting a feeling of romance to the home.

They are particularly useful in the summer, since they effectively reduce energy usage while creating a cool breeze. They can also be used in the winter to draw the warmer air down from the ceiling where it tends to pool and to force it out into the home and save you money on the heat costs.

Light kits can be added to increase the usefulness of many ceiling fans. A wide range of both fan and light kit styles is available, providing choices that will contribute to the beauty of any room. The newer styles can be made to fit into any decor and in fact the ceiling fans of today are so beautiful that you may wish to design your room around the fan rather than vice versa.

A perfect example of that is this fan, available to you at Lowes Home Store.


This how-to provides general instructions for installing a ceiling fan and should give you a feel for what is involved in the project you are taking on.

. Remember that you should always consult the directions provided by the manufacturer during actual installation.

Lowe’s will also provide the information to you as a service if by some chance you do not have instructions in place in the light kit that you purchased.

If your fan comes fully equipped with a light kit, it may already be wired and in place requiring only that you install the bulbs and globes. In some instances, however, you may need to wire the light kit yourself. Do this as follows.

1. Remove the switch housing cover plate from the fan.

2. Remove the plug from the center of the cover plate.

3. Feed the light kit wires (black and white) through the holes in the cover plate and screw the plate tightly to the light kit to prevent it from vibrating loose.

4. Locate two wires within the switch housing labeled “for light” (white and blue). Connect them to the light kit wires with wire nuts‚white to white and blue to black. Secure the connections with electrical tape to prevent the wire nuts from vibrating loose during operation.

5. Carefully push wires back into the switch housing, and attach the light kit to the switch housing with the provided screws.


Tips and Notes

ENERGY STAR labeled ceiling fans move at least 20 percent more air than a typical ceiling fan per watt of power consumed. ENERGY STAR labeled ceiling fans use about 60-70 percent less electricity for lighting than equivalent incandescent mo


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