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Scented candles are one of the most versatile decor items available. There are scented candles to match every color scheme and with nearly every scent imaginable. There are scented candles that are mainly to add beauty and scent to a room, and there are those that serve an additional purpose, such as for soft lighting or to keep insects at bay.

Scented candles are of course made of wax, but there are many different kinds of wax available on the market. Paraffin wax candles are the most popular kind, as they are inexpensive and burn well. Soy wax candles are popular for those who are interested in environmental issues and look for soy products to increase the amount of soy being grown. Soy burns slightly more slowly than paraffin, but is essentially very similar to paraffin. Another way type is beeswax, which can be quite expensive. Beeswax is often used in the most expensive candles.

Scent is added to candles while the wax is melted. The scent, color and additives are added to the liquid wax, which is then mixed together to ready it for a candle mould. Candle moulds are fitted with candle wicks in anticipation of the hot wax. The liquid wax is then poured into a candle mould, or an industrial machine containing many moulds, and allowed to harden around the candle wick. Candle wicks are usually made of treated cotton that allows them to burn longer, and some have a metal core to help them to stay rigid. Many people worry about getting a candle with lead in the wick, but lead wicks have not been made in the last few decades and the metal-cored wicks of today are made of zinc. A hardened candle is slid from out of the mould and assessed for its shape and composition. A finished scented candle should have a centred wick, a noticeable scent and the color that was intended. With so many variations of these aspects possible, there are literally millions of possibilities.

Most scented candles are used to add scent to frequently used rooms in the home, such as the living room, kitchen and bathrooms. A highly scented candle can throw its scent to the room without being burned, though burning it will disperse the scent quicker and make it penetrate the room more strongly. Many people choose to burn scented candles in their kitchens and bathrooms for that reason. The scents available include nature scents, such as rosemary, cinnamon and even cut grass. Also popular are the food-scented candles, such as chocolate, pumpkin pie and strawberry. There are even specialty candles that smell like popular perfumes.

When a scented candle is used outdoors, the obvious choice is often the citronella candle. These candles are made much like any other scented candle, but the citronella scent used in the candle is an effective insect repellent. Many people use several large citronella candles staged around a porch or patio to keep insects away for cookouts or leisurely evenings spent outdoors. Burning a citronella candle means there is no need for harsh chemical sprays or potentially harmful insect repellent sprayed on the skin.

Scented candles come in many different sizes for different uses and to fit in many different spaces. The smallest scented candles will be tea lights, which are very small candles in metal tins. Other small sizes include floating candles that can be used to decorate a room while floating in a bowl of water. Votive candles are slightly larger candles that are usually put into votive holders. These can be placed virtually anywhere because of their small size. Larger candles can be pillar-style candles that stand alone or container candles that are pourer directly into containers.

Whatever the need for a candle, whether it is for scent dispersal, inspect repellent or just for a beautiful piece or room décor, there is a scented candle that will fill that need. Choosing the correct size and color candle for your use will ensure a beautiful and useful part of your home décor.


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