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Most of us don’t really think about maintenance outside the painting and sidewalks however there is a bit further to go to make certain that our investment keeps its value.

Those holes in your driveway, the unsightly cracks do need to be taken care of and now is the time to be doing it, prior to winter.

The things that lie on top of your drive can create a real problem and actually eat away at your driveway if they seep through while the driveway is unsealed.

Resealing it and patching the cracks isn’t hard by any means, but it is a somewhat dirty job and you will need to choose two days when you’ve seen a forecast for dry weather.

Step One – Will be to thoroughly clean the drive, using a power washer will be your best bet, which is rentable at any equipment rental store. Using some special cleansers such as driveway cleaner that will lift the stains from things like oil and antifreeze. You definitely don’t want to seal those in, since asphalt is also petroleum based the motor oil can break it down quite readily over time.

Step Two – Will be to Seal those cracks. You will want to try to widen them however before you do that.. try to widen out the base, or bottom of the crack so that it is essentially undercut, or wider at the bottom that it is at the top.. Then using driveway crack sealer, or filler, which is generally in a tube and is used in a caulking gun, fill the cracks til they are over full or bursting out and then using a trowel level them off.

Step Three – Use cold patch to fill in the larger holes. Cold patch is essentially a mixture of asphalt with another substance and should be just troweled into the hole and packed very tight and left to settle overnight.

Step Four – will be the actual sealing. On a day that you are certain there will be no precipitation you will want to put on your sealang with a large driveway or garage broom or perhaps a squeegee. If you don’t have either of these things, a roller brush with a very long extension handle can be used with a very long nap roller. Basically what you are doing is painting the driveway.

When this dries it will be very shiny and very black, like your driveway was when it was new. Best of all however is that the water, and other substances such as oil can’t seep into those cracks and wreak havoc with your driveway.

A last precautionary comment

Driveway sealant is very sticky and takes a long while to dry and cold patch is something that is not easily removable so leavethe driveway overnight and don’t walk on it. You will want to take extra care and remove your shoes and clothing prior to coming inside to prevent a mess that you will find next to impossible to remove from carpeting.


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