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Rustic Decorating is a relatively new trend, but it is of course based on an older idea, that of using what is available around you, of using it wisely and making do with older and more textured fabrics and woods. It is based on nature and simpler styles of living.
Each of us somewhere in our depths longs for the simpler aspects of living, to be closer to nature and natural things and to wake to a sunrise, birds and rustling oak leaves.

This is what rustic decorating is all about, and what it gives us by virtue of the colors and textures that are part of the style. When you wake to a room filled with log furniture, you can almost smell the fresh air.

The style that is known as rustic today uses aspects of the outdoors, brought inside to create an atmosphere of outside, woodsy, raw and untamed to the inside of your home. Log furniture, twig furniture and even some of the pioneer stock such as dark cherries and stained oaks are wonderful additions to your rustic retreat

Rustic is a fun style that incorporates elements of the entire outside into your home.

Rich woods, rough barks and leafy patterns are part and parcel of the rich textures and colors of rustic decor.

Be sure to incorporate some plainer fabrics and colors as the rustic style, when strictly adhered to, can overpower your rooms so that the single elements are lost to the eye if they are not balanced with more plain elements as well. Deep woodsy plaids are at home here as well as dark colored faux leathers.

The subtle shadings and patterns in rustic style decorating, combined with the leafy patterns, wildlife and water create a sense of being within the woodlands regardless of where your home is located, be it city or country style life.

Rustic decor is especially at home in a cabin in the woods, a hunting lodge, a vacation getaway near the lake, but can also be quite effective and seem to be at home in a premanufactured home as well as a city apartment.

Many Hollywood homes today offer certain aspects of rustic decorating, even if it is just one piece, added to a more ornate room to offer some textural interest to the rooms. Stars and middle class Americans alike have discovered a love for this simple yet rich decorating style and have incorporated it into their life.

You will want to select colors and patterns that are inherently natural, such as browns, blues, deep golds and autumn reds as well as rich leathers and suede type materials.

Many people accessorize with either resin or real antler decor, as well as wood or tree trunk style lamps and seating, and some more natural wood tables.

Wildlife or pioneer art could be very effective on the walls and would integrate well with the style that you are trying to reproduce, which is that of a retreat from the hectic modern world. Photographs of wildlife well framed in a heavier wood frame as well as cushions or toss pillows created of faux leather or suede will coordinate well with your room, but could even be replaced with some deep red velvets or curdoroys that would also add contrast and visual interest.

Rustic inspires us with feelings of having stepped backward into time, or to a simpler place where there is little that can trouble us.

With imagination, and creativity, your home will soon be the rustic retreat that you envisioned.

There are literally hundreds of books that are on the market today to help you to develop your own style, using rustic elements, among those are:

Rustic Revisited

The Rustic Cabin


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