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This candle holder/candelabra is perfect for rustic decorating styles, as well as country or southwestern decorating, and it will look well in any room in your home. When you make one as a gift you will want to make one for yourself for special occasion use.

Contorted or twisted branches such as those of hazel or locust are lovely when done in this way, however, even oak or willow looks remarkable when the candleholders have been attached and the holder is completed.
Use a single branch, or graft on extras to get the shape you want.

Make sure that you position the candle cups carefully on your rustic candleholder so that no branches are directly above them to create a hazard, and seat the candle holder branch into a small mound of clay that has been covered with grave..

When the candles on the tree are lit up, it looks for all the world like a scene from a fairy tale.

Materials you will need:

plastic sheet.

paper towels

rubber gloves

quick dry clay

twisted hazel or locust branch.

wire cake rack

tile adhesive grout and spreader

aquarium gravel



brown water based paint

artists paint brush


aluminum foil

Epoxy, craft cement or plaster.

4 or 5 wood or brass candle cups from a craft or variety store.

** Use plastic sheeting to protect the surface you are working on, and keep plenty of paper towels handy nearby. This is not a clean craft but the end result will certainly be worth the effort.

Using gloves or baggies on your hands to protect them, make a large mound of clay, proportionate to your branch. Embed the branch firmly in the clay so that it stands alone. Leave the clay mound to dry, which will most likely take about two days. Then place it on the cake rack to permit it to dry out completely on the bottom.

**spread grout over the top of the clay and sprinkle it with gravel which you then press firmly into the clay and grout.

** Cover each of the wood or metal candle holders with the craft cement, or plaster up to the edges of the candle cup. using the same type of medium, mold the bottom of the cup to one of the branches of the tree, being careful to position them so that there are no branches directly above the candle cups.

** Using a sharp stick, scratch gently to produce fine lines that are reminiscent of your branches bark, but do use care to not distort the clay or plaster you’ve coated the candle cups with.

Paint the cups with a non flammable brown paint, mixed to closely resemble the branch you’ve selected.

Allow two days for the project to dry completely before boxing it to wrap.

Leave instructions if you give it as a gift, that the candles must be extinguished when they burn down to within two inches of the candle cup.


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