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These are very simple little gifts that are made of miniature roses, plain terra cotta pots and some moss and a pillar candle. Scented ever so lightly with a natural rose essence it makes a lovely smell and look in a country style room, or even a Victorian room. Roses and moss are always a romantic addition.

They make lovely gifts for any occasion and when used for a table centerpiece the rose scented candle pot imparts a light rose smell while the candles and roses and moss offer a romantic touch to the table.

You will need.



terracotta pots

glue gun and sticks

dried roses


small leaves, green silk or dried

rose perfume oil

pillar candle

clay or playdough

make a small clay ring to fit inside the pot.

Press it to the rim of the pot as close to the top on the inside as possible.

Glue a layer of moss to the top of the clay so that it will extend over the side of the pot.

Cut the roses from their stems and glue them onto the moss

fill the gaps with foliage leave enough room for the candle to be pressed into the clay.

Half fill the pot with moss, and press it down well to make the base the candle will sit on.

sprinkle the moss lightly with a few drops of the rose oil.

push the candle into place and glue a raffia bow or several lengths of raffia tied together to the terra cotta pot near the top rim.


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