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Table lamps or floor lamps wrapped in rope seem to be making a comeback, particularly those which are made of alternative objects such as oars, glass globes or something along those lines.

The rope trimmed or wrapped items such as lamps and lamp shades are commanding a large price, sometimes as much as 2 and 300 dollars for a simple table lamp, whose old rope gives it a nautical flair, perfect for lighting up a bathroom seating area, or for a nautical room.

Coiled around a lamp base, natural rope shows off its own extraordinary beauty.

Start off with an inexpensive lamp base, such as a ginger jar or a drum lamp, one with a bulbous base will work the best.

Buy about 100 feet of natural jute rope or sisal from a hardware store or a marine supply house.

Before you begin to attach it, coil it around to make sure its going to fit the base you have selected.

Start at the bottom and use a 3/4 inch tight bristled brush to apply an all purpose glue to the base of the lamp.

Operate in about 6 inch sections, and glue, then begin wrapping the rope around the base holding it in place until the glue begins to set, which will take about 30 seconds.

As you work press each layer down snugly against the one below it making sure that you have no gaps in the rope so that the lamp shows through.

Trim the end of the rope on an angle after it has been completely wrapped around the lamp tuck it under the row beneath it..

Top it off with a natural shade of raffia or parchment.


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