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When you decide to buy a new roof for your home, the first thing you will invariably want to know will be “How much is this going to cost?”

Buying a new roof is going to be without a doubt the single most expensive part of owning your home, aside from the original purchase price.

A roofing project can run into thousands of dollars, and take several days to accomplish provided that you have some assistance with the project.

Cost is always an important part of any renovation or repair to your home and finding a reliable way to assess what the materials will cost will be important prior to planning the actual work.

As with any other home expense, what you spend will be dependent upon the contractor that you use, or whether you will do the labor yourself, as well as the materials that you use to resurface your home.

Another unknown will be any problem that the roofer or you may run into as you uncover the old roof and begin the new installation.

Asphalt roofing is alot less expensive than slate, but will last probably longer and be much much easier in the long run to repair than the slate roofing will be.

A few estimated costs for roofing materials and the installation costs:
Asphalt Type Shingles are the least expensive and for cost effectiveness they can’t be beaten.

They cost about 30 dollars per 100 square foot package and will cost about 40 dollars per 100 feet for installation.

To get the total installations costs for your particular roof, multiply by the square foot measurements of your roof. Add extra for such things as higher pitched roof or particular problems that you may have such as roof mold cleanup.

Wooden Shingles

are about 150 dollars per 100 square feet and will cost about 100 dollars to install for that same amount.

Clay tile

costs are around 300 dollars for 100 square feet of purchase and will cost another 150 or175 per 100 feet to install.

Steel Roofing

will cost about 250-300 dollars per 100 feet and installation costs are considerably higher at about 130 per 100 square feet.


is by far the most expensive and the least durable at about 500 dollars per 100 square feet and an installation cost of almost 200 dollars per 100 square feet.

The old favorite asphalt, for all its lack of charm and ambiance seems to be far and away the most cost efficient, the easiest to repair and the most long lasting other than the steel ,it is expected to last about 20 years,.


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