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When considering repairing or replacing your roof remember one vital thing: Your roof is the guardian of your home when it comes to the elements. If you live in a volatile area, you’ll want to find a good harmony between the overall visual impact of the roofing materials and how well it withstands a beating.

let’s face it, shingles can only bear so much snow, and tiles will fly away in a tropical storm. That means if you choose these kinds of options, you’ll incur lots of future expenses when it comes to repairs. Roofing experts tell us that having a moderate pitch is one key to success. These don’t seem quite so prone to damages when winds whip up, so it’s one option that may allow for use of these kinds of media.

Let’s go through some options one at a time. By far, the most popular roofing material is asphalt shingles. They’re cheap, install quickly, and in a relatively temperate climate they last fairly well. Additionally, these now come in a variety of colors to improve a home’s curb appeal. Shingles actually come in glass fiber and organic, the latter of which is much stronger and long-lasting.

Having said that, they don’t hold up in areas like AZ where temperatures change dramatically and quickly throughout a day.

Tiles are another common materials, often chosen because they offer better ventilation. This improves the house’s ability to effectively heat and cool, thereby saving money.

Tiles come in a variety of materials ranging from wood to metal and clay. Of the current varieties, shaker clay has become very popular for it’s improved insulating qualities.

A third option is composition roofing. These provide a nice blend between form and function. Compositions offer waterproofing, insulation, and reinforcement, but it’s typically more costly.

What about metal? Now we’re talking steel, aluminum and copper. Steel is very heavy but certainly very protective. Aluminum is much lighter, and copper is highly durable. Of these three, copper is the most expensive and it won’t always look as pretty as it does when first applied.

Metal roofing, no matter your decision, is the longest lasting and effective. It is also the heaviest and the most expensive option, so make certain that your home is able to handle the weight prior to choosing metal roofing.


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