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Any way you look at it, a roof replacement is going to be a headache and it isn’t going to be cheap.

Some materials of course will cost more than others, and included in that cost wil be the fact that they are going to be a lot more difficult to work with.

Asphalt shingles are about the least costly and the value for your money is fairly good, but the fact is that like anything else, not all asphalt is created equal so you’re going to have to do some shopping around.

Asphalt is the best working solution in most areas and is the most highly approved, unless your area has some restrictions on roofing materials due to historical zones.
Asphalt is used so often largely due to the cost being lower and the fact that asphalt roofing is particularly resilient.

It is the most low priced of all roofing materials and with the changes in its makeup in recent years, the old days of the bland gray or black are gone.

You can make a great first impression by using it in blues, reds, blacks or even greens.

Another option that you can preview before you select your new roofing is relatively new to the table. Fiber is extremely strong, very durable and comes in multiple colors, textures and will stand up to salty air, high wind and hot moist or humid environments.

It is however quite heavy and your roof may need some reinforcing prior to being able to use it.

A new roof of asphalt can last you as long as about 25 years, while fiber will last about the same amount of time.

While neither will last you a lifetime, they will be a bit easier to repair and less constly than metal or concrete and far less expensive for the initial installation.


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