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Your window treatments will make a major statement in your homes overall look and feel and can even create the tone of the room, if they are used correctly.

Layering your window coverings will offer you several positive bonuses.

I personally like to use them in what is reverse to the normal order, laying the sheer or lightweight curtains underneath a fabric shade, so that the shade will draw completely over the curtain, or partly drop.
When done with Austrian blinds the effect is very striking.

Choosing to use sheer window coverings set inside the window casing will permit you to have your blinds over them, which means that you can effectively have the lacy look that will afford you a delicate and romantic ambiance when the blinds are open, and close the blinds, or lower the shades over them, in part, to block a particularly sunny spot, or fully to privacy or to block out the cold air on a cold evening.

Using a lacy, or lightweight curtain that is installed under the blinds or shades, particularly if you use colors that go well together or contrast, will permit you to use the fabric shades or blinds also as a valance when they are partly pulled down.

Using blinds and curtains together is not only a nice looking choice it’s a highly practical one, saving money both summer and winter, as the blinds will effectively block out the hot rays in the summer and the cold radiating from the window glass in the wintertime.

The double fabric, will create a double insulating effect that keeps your windows from allowing heat or cool to escape, aside from complementing your overall decorating style.


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