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Don’t pass up that old oak chair at the flea market, the one thats a real steal, just because the seat is tattered and worn.

Recover it yourself for just a song, and a bit of your time and imagination.

Begin by removing the cover and pad, right down til you hit the wooden insert/center board.

If it appears to be damaged, it will need to be replaced.

remove it, usually by unscrewing the screws that hold it onto the frame. In most cases they will number four. In very old chairs these will perhaps be nails.

If the seat is damaged, trace a pattern of it, and cut from plywood with a jigsaw, or have it cut for you at a lumber yard or home store.

Trace this board also onto a piece of one inch thick foam, and leave an additional quarter inch of foam outside the pattern size.

Place the board onto the foam, and taking batting, such as a thinner quilt batting, cut a piece of this as well, adding an additional 3 inches outside of the board edges.

Place the board, and the foam on the batting.

Pull one side of the batting around the foam and make sure it is taut.

Using a staple gun secure the batting over the foam, to the bottom of the board , folding the corners to miter them, and secure it on all four sides with the staple gun.

Choosing your upholstery fabric, cut it four inches larger than the seat board and secure one side with the staple gun as you did with the batting, then move to the opposite side and secure that, to assure that it is evening taut, prior to stapling the front and back.

If you would like to cover the rough underside of the chair, select a piece of soft flannel or felt and hot glue the outside edges to the underside of the chair.

Reattach the finished seat to the chair, using the screws or nails that were in place when you took it apart, or, if you prefer, in the case of nails, use smaller wood screws in the same nail holes to secure it.



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