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The great variety of replacement windows in today’s home-improvement marketplace allows consumers to shop specifically for the exact window style, energy rating, and installation cost that best suits their budget.

For homeowners who like a lot of daylight to enter their living space, bay windows can provide an excellent choice. For those who are looking for cost-saving, highly durable replacement windows, vinyl windows can fit the bill.

Replacement windows provide an excellent energy efficient solution and improve the appearance of your residence inside and out, and they can increase the total value of your home.

When investigating the appropriate style for your home, consider both hinged and sliding replacement windows. Traditional, double-hung windows can be made in a variety of energy efficient materials and coatings, including glass and vinyl.

For a more modern style, consider vertical sliders, awning windows, and the new generation of coated, energy efficient bay windows. Slider windows can come in either single or double-slider styles, allowing greater flexibility in ventilation. Of course, hinged windows, which are sealed, generally offer greater overall energy savings.

For even more style choices, there are so-called Circlehead or arched replacement windows that can be used alone or in tandem with other window combinations to create a custom appearance. If you reside in a turbulent climate, consider adding temporary or permanent storm windows, which come in a variety of materials and styles. For those on a budget, vinyl storm windows add protection against intruders, never need painting, and provide added energy savings at a total installation cost well below glass or many other materials.

It pays to compare prices on styles and material selections–as well as energy ratings and coatings–to find a replacement window solution that best matches your insulation needs and your home improvement budget.

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