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There are a long list of things that will cause your tile grout to crack and or loosen in the joints, permitting your tile to lift away from the surface beneath it.

Tile grout that is not packed in tightly enough can crack, or that which has been mixed with too much water will crack and pull away from the tile.

The evaporation of liquid from the tile grout as it dries, can lead not only to cracking but to small pin holes that will substantially weaken the tile grout it if there has been too much water added.

One further reason for your grout to crack will be that the grout was packed after the grout had already begun to cure. Rather than hardening it will simply become very crumbling and soft..

Restoring the damage to the grout can take a bit of work, and is in fact a somewhat messy job. You can’t simply just grout over them, you need to remove it and replace it.

The grout does not need to be entirely removed but at least two thirds of it must come out and be successfully replaced.

Depending on what kind of tile you have, this will determine how hard it is to remove the grout from the tile and as a rule of thumb, the more dense, hard that the tile is, such as porcelain, the easier the grout will be to remove, while the more porous tiles, will be more difficult to remove the grout from.

You can first try scrubbing the tile with a scrub pad and a chemical cleaner, making sure that you are not going to damage the tile itself by testing a small corner.
Then begin to remove the cracked or damaged grout by a grout remover or a very pointed sharp removal too. There are in fact cutting tools to help you to remove the grout by digging it out without damaging the edging of the tiles but they do need a great deal of energy to remove the grout in this way.

There is also a special tool that is named the Grout Grabber that will attach to the blade mount of a saw and will use the action of the saw to take the grout out from between the tiles.

Once you’ve dug out all the damaged grout, clean the area and let it completely dry, and begin again so that you wil have a hard surface working for you in between your tiles.

While you are removing the old grout, take a look at the new modern colors that are available to you now, that were not before.

You can now, by mixing colors with your grout in the bucket, apply colored grouts to the tile.

Additionally if your grout is only discolored, there are some wonderful colorants and grout stains in the market today that will help you to keep your job minimal.. The grout stains and tile grout colorants can be applied to the older grout that has discolored to completely change, or just enhance the grout you currently have.

A coat of these stains can will very often make a complete metamorphosis in the way your tile looks.

A few brands of tile grout colorant and stains that you might look for are Mapei, Aqua Mix and Customs. Each of them is applied in various ways to the tile grout so do check with the directions prior to using them.

Once your grout has been colored, or replaced, make sure to use a grout sealer to keep it sharp.

(New grout will need to cure for at least 30 days before you stain it).


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