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It doesn’t matter if you live alone or with children and pets, at some time in any week a piece of cloth or rug will find itself inundated with something that could permanently stain it. Be it the leaking pen with ink, a bit of wine or grape juice, pencil, tomato sauce, grease or whatever, knowing how to handle the stain at the outset is at least half of the solution to the problem.

As soon as you notice a spill, it’s important to get as much of it up as possible. If you already have a cleaner handy for it, dab it on and let it sit for a half our. From that point forward follow whatever directions you were given with the cleaner be it commercial or home made.

If the item is something easily rinsed, use a little vinegar (1/3 cup in two cups water) to rinse it after being treated. This gets rid of residue. You can also try dabbing the vinegar solution on the original site after the first. Not all fabrics take well to the acidity of vinegar. Your best bet is blotting, pressing down and gently turning clockwise. No matter what avoid heat. Heat sets a stain as sure as Gibraltar.

Here are some other helps and hints:

1. To keep whites, white add a half cup of peroxide to your wash once a month with half as much baking soda.

2. Food stains: grab some soda water ASAP and apply it to the stain. If that’s not available use liquid soap from the rest room until you can wash it.

3. Ink: dab on rubbing alcohol.

4. Wax: let it cool. Then use newspaper and an iron to melt and remove one layer at a time.

5. Gum: ice it and start breaking it off a bit at a time.

6. Oil and grease: apply orange water or diluted juice. Rinse thoroughly and repeat.

7. Tarnish: toothpaste or baking soda made into a paste and brushed on.

8. Rust: lemon juice.

9. Copper: use catsup or lemon juice and salt. Paint both on, let set for a few minutes, and then wash off completely.

Last but not least for annoying coffee stains, try some diluted vinegar. The trick with any homemade solution is twofold. Don’t over-concentrate the solution, and make sure to rinse it completely afterward.


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