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Those of us who have water wells on our property are all too familiar with the fact that our water can, dependent upon the time of year, create stains from rust or hard water, and may also leave stains on the concrete that are unsightly and need to once in a while be removed.

Its nearly impossible when you have well water, to go through the entire year without some kind of rust build up or stain on some level on your property, even up to and including your plants when they are watered.

If you know your well water to be the source of your issue with the rust, try using a sprayer on your hose that will disburse it more so that it is lessened and can be more easily controlled to prevent spraying against concrete foundations.

If your rust staines are cause on patios or sidewalks, by the dampened legs of furniture that have been sitting, they will often be overlooked until its time to move the furniture at which point they seem nearly insurmountable since the issue has been in play for a lengthy period of time.

Regardless of the reasons for the stain, if you have rust stains on the concrete or home foundations there are a few methods that you can try to remove them, and usually one of these will be successful

Using one of the squeezable lemons that contain concentrated juice, pour or squeeze it on to the rust stain undiluted, and permit it to sit for about twenty minutes.

Take a stiff bristled scrub brush and brush over it several times and usually the stain will be removed.

A second solution for removing rust from concrete and even at times from fabric, is regular white vinegar, which contains a high level of acid, and will be usefulif it is poured on undiluted and let sit for several moments, then scrubbed to remove any residual staining.

Just a word of caution: both of these liquids are highly acidic and can damage your plants or even kill them so be certain that you keep them well away from foliage when treating rust stains.


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