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Computers in the Kitchen – I personally installed a computer several years ago in my kitchen, finding it a tool to be used by me in keeping track of recipes and helping my family with projects, and I remember well the commentary about how silly that seemed to be. I had in mind convenience, being able to watch over my nieces and family while they used the computer and since I work online, to keep me close to my work while not having to step away from the kitchen duties as well.

Todays home owner has decided that this is a convenience too and are increasingly asking for workstations in the kitchen.

Wanting to keep track of your kids activities and supervise the homework and surfing as well as having uses for it yourself is making many people move to a trend that seems to be sweeping the U.S. and some other countries as well.

The computer in the kitchen is becoming a mainstay, or as says Gary Aulik, the president of a St Louis Park Minn interior design firm. “We’re putting PC workstations in the most frequently used room in the house: in or near the kitchen.”

Families want to look up recipes, check e-mail and make appointments, all while cooking,” says Marisa Panecki, who is also a kitchen designer, whose home base is in Newton New Jersey. She says that workstations in the kitchen literally sell themselves, but that design is of paramount importance while planning and implementing this aspect of your new kitchen or renovation.

Many of todays better designers have begun to explore ways to add computers to kitchens and other areas using space saving ideas and unique technologies. Martha Stewart recently had a closet turned into a small office, uniquely designing pull out drawers from a kitchen closet to provide herself with a truly impressive office that is able to be viewed and used, and then shoved backward on the retractable shelving and hidden from view.

This is one element that is almost a necessity. The ability to hide, whatever wiring is necessary and to close off the computer equipment when not in use so that it is not subject to being injured by the moisture and other aspects of the kitchen that can be damaging.

Another consideration is the wiring in your kitchen, having the ability to have the computer set up where you need it and have the cables and wires that you need to see it in use hidden so they are not a hazard. WIreless technology is helpful in this and kitchen cabinets such as below a breakfast bar are easily customizable making wonderful places to store your tower and printer, and having good ventilation to keep the computer running smoothly.

The ability to hide the computer, or in other words, convertible. Is all the rage. Using an armoire or a cabinet to hide the equipment and close it away when not in use seems to be the design element of today.

When I found this I was immediately struck by the same idea for my living room, taking a large (8 foot tall) armoire style curious cabinet, made entirely of wood, set 5 shelves into it and a pull out tray and installed my own flat panel monitor, keyboard, printer and tower into it. The result is that I have a computer ready in nearly any room should I choose to stop and jot down ideas for an article or a web page.

Flat-panel monitors and the use of wireless network cards in your pc will help you to make good use of the space and not have the endless wires to hide, as well as minimizing the need for space in the office space that you choose.

The only real consideration in this is a wireless router, which sits in my home, not far from the television, being fed as it is by the cable so its a natural choice.

The computer in the kitchen, in fact, in any room that you spend a great deal of time is important to both parents, children and in fact even to grandmothers and grandfathers.

With the right planning and implementation the computer is going to be used and as much a part of the overall kitchen design and function as the stove that you are cooking on.


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