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We all get them, Christmas and holiday cards wishing us joy and peace and quickly find out that they disappear under the plastic bags or newspaper or with the bills. Here is one way to use them so they can be enjoyed during the holiday season.

Items needed:
Green, gold, red ribbon
Holiday cards
Hole punch
Holiday wrapping paper
Wire coat hanger or small tomato cage of wire
Spray paint gold

There are several ways of displaying cards from simply placing them on top of the entertainment center to immortalizing them in scrapbooks for future generations to enjoy.

One of the ways to display your cards is to punch a hole near the top inside back and thread colored ribbon through, tying it in place. As you receive cards, add them to the growing strand of cards and hang up. Remember to keep the addresses of those not on your list so you will have them.

Create a tree for them by spray painting wire tomato cage gold. Fasten the cards to this and even add some ornaments. This is a good one for old Christmas cards you don’t know quite what to do with. Using a large wire cage, tinsel and cards, you could create a new trend in your neighborhood by having a tree from Christmas cards.

Everyone likes presents and this variant of the wrapped present is an interesting one to use for Christmas cards. Select a door in your home and cover it with Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon so it looks like a present. Then tape the cards to it, making sure to leave them for others to read.

Take old Christmas cards and cut the front into triangles. Carefully fold the edges of the triangles up about 1/4”, just enough for a staple to go into. When you have enough of these, staple them into a round ornament hang and enjoy.

After Christmas, cut the cards into strips, punch a hole in the top and add ribbon to make bookmarks.


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