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Do you always wish there was something innovative and interesting to do with those gallon milk jugs instead of just throwing them out? Take heart. You can reuse and recycle them yourself and not have to take them to a third party to find uses for them. wash out the milk container and try one of these simple little uses and help the environment today.

Bird Feeder

Items needed are as follows
Empty plastic milk jug with lid
Wire coat hanger

Step one: Wash the milk jug out; then using a marker, trace around the indented sides. Make the holes fairly large so that the birds will be able to get in and out. Leave the handle and the curve opposite it unmarked and also leave at least one and one half inches from the bottom unmarked.

Step two: Cut out the marked areas, being careful to leave enough of a base to hold the birdseed. Place the cap on the jug set aside.

Step three: Using pliers, untwist the wire coat hanger and unfold, loop one end through the handle and bend the other end to hang on a branch.

Step four: Fill your new inexpensive bird feeder with seed, hang it outside where you can see it and watch the birds come and eat.

Milk jug planter

Materials needed:
Milk jug
Scissors or utility knife
Potting soil

Step one: Cut the top half of the milk jug off, leave the lid on and set aside. Fill the jug with one to two inches of potting soil leaving a few inches of the clear plastic above it. Find a favorite package of seeds or plant your own a few weeks before the last frost. This works well with tomatoes. Use the other half of the milk jug as a quick watering container.


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