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That old or mildewed caulking around your tub is not only unsightly and hard to clean, it is also a sign that water could be leaking into places where you don’t want water.

So what do you do about it?? Chances are that recaulking the whole mess will make a huge difference and its not all that hard to do. You will need the following Materials..

Caulking, ..caulk softener.. Putty knife..5 -in-1 tool.. rubbing alcohol..utility knife, caulking gun..

It goes like this.

Apply the caulking softner to the old caulking that is around the tub.

Using either the putty knife or the handy dandy five in one tool take out the old caulking.
Clean the entire tub and surrounds well using a chlorine cleaner to make sure that mildew is kille and that all soap scum and residue is gone.

Strangely enough, you are going to want to fill the tub with water prior to putting in the new caulking to assure that the strongest seal possible is achieved.

Load up the caulking gun with the white silicone caulk and cut an angle on your tip

Starting on the short wall, keep constant and even pressure on the caulking gun trigger and do not lift the caulking gun until you reach a corner of the shower/tub, and make sure to draw the gun away from the direction it is pointing.

Make sure to clean the tip between walls

Wet your finger and run it over the caulking line to smooth it out nicely and also take out excess caulking

Let it dry for as long as your manufacturer directs, while you head for the kitchen for a cold drink and to pat yourself on the back.


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