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This is one of the easier quilted wall hangings that will take just a short amount of time to both piece and to quilt.

My own was accomplished in just about two hours from the time I began, however I did cheat a bit and piece it by machine.

If you’re a quilter, or just beginning this quilted  Christmas wall hanging project   is easy enough to accomplish in a weekend even if you’ve never tried your hand at quilting before now.

Using the quilt pattern at the bottom of the page.

Make the ABC unit, then make the FF unit and join it with G,F,E,and D pieces and attach these to the top row.

Make a single unit by stitching together HIJK and then add the G piece. and sew that to the top section.

Take the LBMBN unit and sew it to the top section.

Then make a QQ unit, and combine it with the OPEand G pieces, which are also a unitnow  and add those to the top section as well

Make and attach the SRG row and then make and join TEG to the top section..

Add some thin batting and a backing sheet of cloth.

Stitch around the  J O Y letters so that the pieces are sandwiched together.

Add a quilt binding and sew it around the three layers

Add five loops to the top of the hanging, spaced evenly across, and hang from a dowel rod or quilt hangar.


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