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Installing a border in a painted room is a quick and easy way to give your room character. It can go around the ceiling, partway down the wall, or as a chair rail. You can also use it to go around a door or window to give it emphasis. First you will need to measure the length of all of the walls in the room that you are going to apply the border to. Add one extra foot for each corner that you have to go around just to be safe. Add all of the measurements and that is how much border is needed for your room.

If your border is going around your ceiling, before you prepare to hang it you will need to paint a half inch of your wall the ceiling color. This will allow you to compensate for any imperfections in your ceiling not being perfectly straight. The ceiling paint on the walls helps to cover up any gap. Just hang it then as straight as you can while using the ceiling as a layout line. If your border is going somewhere else on the wall, you will have to draw a layout line on your wall.

A chair rail is normally one third of the way up the wall but you can place your border where you think it would be best. Think of what furniture is in your room and where it will be in comparison to the border. Also remember your doors and windows. Once you decide where on the wall you want it you need to draw a line using a level. Don’t try to cheat by measuring up or down the wall and using a chalk line. Floors and ceilings are not always completely level and your eye doesn’t always register their imperfections.

A crooked border in the middle of the wall is hard to miss and would need to be redone. From your layout line you need to measure down to where the bottom of the border will be. Tape off the inside of the line (so that the tape is on the inside of the border width) with painter’s tape. Prime the wall between the lines of tape. This will help the border to adhere better to the wall.

Get the border ready for hanging according to the directions from the manufacturer. Start the border one inch into the first wall. Smooth with a wallpaper brush as you go. When you come to the end of the first roll you need to start the next roll overlapping it by one inch. Using a straight edge and a razor knife, cut through both layers of the border.

Peel off and throw away the scraps then smooth the pieces back together.

Roll the seam with a seam roller and carefully wipe off the extra paste. Piece inside and outside corners together the same way one inch into the corner that way if the corner isn’t perfectly square your border still is. Use a broad knife in the inside corners to get a nice crisp corner. When you get around to the starting point, use a broad knife to get a crisp corner. Use a pair of scissors to cut along the crease where the corner is. Smooth the paper back into place.


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