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Some of the simplest things can create a real and viable difference in your landscaping.
One small thing that can make a huge difference is the placement of rocks or boulders in the landscaping, which many people, even professionals in the business do not do well.
Accent boulders can add drama, flair, impact and a lot of character to your landscape in the garden or yard.
They can even add a second level without actually lifting the gardens elevation.

The most appealing gardens, or yards, have more than one level, and you can use accent boulders to create that wihout actually having to deal with a second level decorating.

Many people simply take landscaping rocks or boulders and lay them on top of the ground as if they simply fell there from the heavens.
They don’t appear natural in this way, but just as they are.. somehow thoughtlessly tossed onto the scene, instead of being what they could be, a natural part of a natural environment.

Rather than simply lying the rock on the top of leaves, earth and other aspects of the landscaping, try instead
burying the bottom edge of the rock.

Two inches or so for smaller rock, or four to six for the larger ones.

Toss some leaves over the edges, add some florals or plants there closeby as if they have grown there naturally.
The depth you bury the rock will of course depend upon the size and shape of the rock that you choose to place in the yard.
Simply dig out a bit under the rock, where it will be set and

place some ground cover around it.. plant the plant close enough to cover some edges of the stone, or, in the case of sandstone which does crumble, place a few smaller rocks leaning up against it, such as it might naturally crumble .
This will give a look more as it would appear in nature.

Interested in learning more about accent boulders, or purchasing some to try out in your own garden?

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