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Ceramic tiles in your bath permit you to have some wonderful unique only to your home designs that can be implemented on the walls, floors or counters, with the huge array of tiles in so many shapes, colors and textures but there is one single drawback to their use, and that is the fly in the ointment that the grout between them sometimes creates.

Grout has a tendency to become soiled, to absorb the water and to take in the contaminants of the bathroom or kitchen so that the tile does, over time become malodorous or an eyesore so far as its looks go.

The first thing to do is actually something that should be done PRIOR to finding out that your grout is damaged.

Prevent it ..

One of the best ways to keep your grout clean and free of odors is to damp mop or sweep it daily with a dust mop, particularly if the grout has not fully set up and been cured.

If it is permitted to harden with dirt and sand embedded into it from the everyday walking, it will look completely grey in color when it has cured.Before the grout hardens completely, use a high quality sponge mop or a dust mop to go over it while the mop is dry, to remove most of the dust and dirt before it becomes part of your tile grout.

Another means to keep the dirt down is to lay a rug near the rooms entrance until the grout has fully hardened and can be called completely cured.

Waxes are not necessarily the best thing to do with a tile floor because removing them often takes harsh detergents and it will discolor the grout. Grout sealers are one of the best methods of preventing dirt from becoming part of your floor.

Additionally there are wonderful additives that can be added to your tile grout at mixing time that will help it to repel dirt and water and keep your tile and grout looking great for many years to come..


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