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The traditional shed is a unique building, that should offer unique methods of storage, appeal to the most discerning tastes and give you spare room to utilize for your plants, pots and garden utensils.

It affords not only custom storage, but also, its looks make a statement about your own style and standards.

Selecting any type shed should mean taking into account before selection, what you will use the shed for, its overall looks and how they will enter into your own sense of style as well as its construction.

Typically, sheds can be used as an art studio, a small private office, for gardening or for many other pursuits, including a small sleeping area.

With these uses in mind, your shed, whether it is built of wood, corrugated metal or brick and stone, it should be insulated, solid in construction and able to withstand some heavy use in a wide array of applications.

You will want the walls and rafters to be sturdy enough to provide for additional storage.
In most cases you will want the interior of the building prewired with at least one lighting fixture and outlet and some sort of finished interior.

Solid wood framing is almost a necessity and a heavier door to prevent unwelcome entry is also something that you should consider.

A strong foundation, using some type of pressure treated lumber is also a necessity to be able to withstand some of mother natures harsher onslaughts such as wind or hail.

Placing your shed directly onto a concrete or wooden foundation is also a necessity, to assure that the building begins and continues to be stable.

Another thing that must be taken into consideration will be your local building codes to assure that it is located and put together as they prescribe that it must be.

Most smaller sheds which are purchased as kits can be easily assembled by two people with nominal carpentry skills in as little time as a weekend.

To view some plans and ideas for sheds, please visit Better Barns.



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