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Planning Ahead
Choose your planting site and prepare the planting area well in advance of time to plant the garden. The job will go much faster on planting day and your plants won’t need to stay in the containers any longer than necessary.

Vegetable Garden
Vegetable Garden

Choosing a Site
Make sure that the location that you select meets the needs of the plants you will be planting there.
Test the soil, or have it tested and adjust the soils ph and add the nutrients before planting day.

When planting your garden keep in mind which plants were in what area last year, or if this is your first year planting make sure that they are documented. Rotating the crops will help you to prevent using all of the same nutrients in the soil as well as prevent some types of plant disease.

Tomatoes for instance are susceptible to verticillium wilt and that remains in the soil and can attack this years crop. Rotation will often prevent this reinfection as other vegetables will not be so susceptible.

Help Your Plants
Help your young plants get off to a very good start by setting them out on a clouded or overcast day, or in the later afternoon so that the delicate young leaves don’t wilt ro scroch. Keep them well watered until they are established, smaller roots have difficulty drawing enough moisture from the soil.

Bag It
Before setting out yur smaller plants in a windy or exposed area, first put them in a paper bag that contains good soil and then set the bag down into the ground, leaving about two inches of the rim above the soil, where the bag will shelter it. As it grows the paper bag, being made of wood, will disintegrate and permit the roots to reach the soil beneath it.

Peat Pots
When setting out a plant that has grown in a peat pot, rip off the rim and the bottom of the pot, leave the rest intact to protect the roots and it will break down in the soil eventually.

Plant your vegetables at the right depth, never set them significan’t higher or lower in the soil than it was grown previously, unless it is a tomato, the one exception to the rule, which can be planted very deeply to help sustain the roots.
Exit Gently
Never pull a plant out of the pot when it has been container grown. Coax it out usnig a knife around the inside of the container staying close to the side of the pot. Turn the pot on its side and tap the rim of it with a rubber mallet and the plant should easily slide out.. If it does not, break the pot with a hammer or cut the plastic one with gardening shears.


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