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The average woman, or the primary cook, spends more than 24 hours a week in the kitchen. Many of us spend more than that amount in our own kitchens, using them for mini offices, to write letters, supervise homework, make a craft, or to even do a small party for the family on special occasions.

The kitchen is no longer just a place for making and eating meals, and kitchens have in fact evolved into environments used for many things, from office tasks to entertaining.

As our reasons for being in the kitchen have changes and expanded to include new roles, so too have our need for lighting that is on the spot, focused to our task and improved to meet the needs of the kitchens new definition as a family room.

The fluorescent lighting of the past, that was one large light, centered in the room, holding several energy efficient lights will offer plenty of lighting to the room, however it will, in many cases leave you working from a darkened area, shadowed by your own movements.

This can be problematic if you use your kitchen for tasks such as computers, writing or something more, as well as using it for the basic cooking and cleaning.

Task oriented lighting is the future of the home, and the kitchen in particular..


Several areas in your home that are going to need special lighting are the sink, where track lighting might be just the ticket to give you the edge you need to see exactly what you’re doing as you clean up from dinner or prepare that special meal.

Over the range, some fresh new ideas are being implemented, such as pot rack lighting or single downlights that will give you lighting where you need it, when you need it. Track lighting has achieved new ways to be used over the range and sink as well.

The Breakfast nook, or island in your kitchen can be well lighted in a unique way with a decorative pendant light, which are available in such a vast array of styles and colors that you will have a tough time selecting one.These have the added benefit of providing for the ability to raise and lower the light for specific needs.

Your kitchen cabinets can make use of under the cabinet lighting which is perfect for your needs when you are using the countertops while kitchen cabinets can be highlighted by the use of lighting on the cabinets themselves using miniature lights either over or inside the cabinets.

light 2
light 2

There is no reason, with the variety of lighting available for use in your kitchen, for anyone to still be living with the single ceiling light that has outlived its purpose..


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