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Like so many other landscaping adjuncts, gazebo styles have grown exponentially in recent years. One might choose a simple square fixture to a larger, intricate structure. One might look to cost-friendly aluminum frameworks to save money, or one might go all out with a sturdy wood design. In either case, there’s one misconception to clear up about gazebos. Not all are permanent fixtures, meaning if you choose wisely you can move the gazebo where you most need it from season to season or year to year.

If portability is on your wish list, a canopy gazebo is your best choice. These go up and take down quickly, and offer a nice variety of designs, colors, and sizes. Just be aware that it’s vital to put them away during harsh weather, which also means having adequate storage space for all those materials.

Now, perhaps you’re not much of a do-it-yourself person. Then the best suggestion is looking into metal gazebos, which are not only easy to set up, but also portable. The beauty of the metal structure is that, if you wish, you can make it permanent by adding a poured concrete floor with footings. Before you take that step, however, please check your local ordinances and building codes, getting a permit if one is needed. Other potential materials for your gazebo include iron, wood-plastic blends, and plastic. Ultimately, however, it’s important that you like the visual appeal of the final choice when set against your home and yard.

In terms of placement and theme, garden gazebos rise to the top in a wide variety of settings and environments. They make a lovely adjunct or center point to gardening, even providing climbing walls for things like grapes and other vines. The only caution in setting up the garden gazebo is recognizing where it will cast shade, and in choosing appropriately sized plants to accent the gazebo (and vise-versa).

Beyond this think about your lifestyle. If you like to entertain, you’ll want a gazebo that offers enough space for several people to sit comfortably. You also want to choose the plants for such a gazebo so that they don’t hinder the view of the house and yard while you’re engaging family and friends. Also, in this particular gazebo you may wish to situate it with electrical outlets in the design, or nearby for music, lighting, and other touches to make a truly unique experience.


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