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As any parent will know, when the weather isn’t the best we all look for things to keep our children busy.

This is one craft that is very easy, creates a minimal mess and is also very good for the local wildlife. Children as a general rule have a love of any wildlife and if you hang these easy to make bird feeders from a tree or even a hook near a window they will keep most children occupied for hours.

There are several species of bird that are quite adept at hanging from trees or branches and these pinecone feeders will be quite welcome to them during the winter months.

Take a pinecone around four inches long(White pine works well for this) and using a teaspoon or a butter knife, have the child put peanut butter between every layer in the pinecone , making sure that it is packed to the very center. Afterwards place some wild birdseed on a plate or flat surface and roll the pinecone in it. The birdseed will stick to the peanut butter, and will provide extra food for the birds when the natural food sources become depleted, while giving your children a love of nature and how to care for it.

Another natural bird feeder is to hang fruits and berries in a mesh bag during the winter. Many birds rely on fruits and berries as a main food sources and suffer somewhat during the winter. Something as simple as an orange slice around 1/2 inch thick and hung on a string will keep them healthier and happier, and also give you something to watch during those long winter days.


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