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There are very few things that you can do to your home that will increase the value of your home more than a simple exterior paint job. It is simply incredible the curb appeal that a fresh coat of paint can afford your home and what additional value it will add. Recently our home financial agent told us that to paint the exterior of your home can increase its value as much as 12, 000 dollars. A figure which completely astonished me, but in consideration of the fact that the paint most assuredly won’t cost a tenth of that, then painting it seems, particularly exterior painting, is the way to go if you want to sell your home for more than it is currently evaluated at.

Like any job, painting or anything else the key to success is the preparation. If you have that right, then you have the job nearly accomplished already.

Preparation of the surface that will be painted is the most important aspect of painting it, and usually that will include a certain amount of scraping prior to painting as well as repairing any surface that is damaged, whether it be wood, metal or brick.

Prior to painting on the exterior, a high pressure washer can be rented from nearly any machine rental or supply store, and the surface of your home given a good surface wash. You will want to be certain that the house is completely clean and dry prior to beginning the exterior painting.

Using a paint scraper after the pressure washing very carefully take off any paint that is chipped, blistered or has loosened during the washing process. It will hurt absolutely nothing to scrape down to the bare surface however it is not necessary really that all of the surfaces be bare, simply they must be free of chipping or peeling paint and must be relatively clean so that your paint will adhere well to the surface.

If you have a lot of paint built up in any particular area, try to remove that so that your corners and curves are free of buildup. This will prevent the new coat of paint from peeling.

This is also a good time to do some weatherizing such as caulking under windows and around them, as well as where the trim and your homes siding meet, to give a smooth finished look as well as to make sure that your home retains heat as well as it should.

Wood should be sealed with a bondo or this type thing if there are any major issues such as digs or gouges out of the wood.

If there are stains such as from maple or pine sap, then you will want to use a primer in those areas to cover darker stains so they don’t bleed through your new paint. Any areas that are prone to mildew can also be primed in this way, however if you like, there are surface primers that are specifically designed to deal with this kind of issue.

Using a sanding block or drill with sander attachment you will want to lightly rough up any surface that has a sheen or gloss to it to help the paint adhere.

Take off your outside light, any outdoor electrical coverings or house numbers and so on.

If you are still uncertain about what color paint you would like for your home, now is the time to select it and get busy. There are online several tools to help you select a color that suits you and your home.

Benjamin Moore Color Viewer

Paint Color Tool

The cost of your paint will of course vary according to what type you choose, however a good rule of thumb is that it will take one gallon of paint to cover 350 square feet. A very good tool to estimate the amount you will need is located at Lowe’s for Pros.

Although it will sound strange you do want to use a drop cloth on sidewalks, plants, or anything that dripping paint might stain, which includes your screens, as they are impossible to free of the paint and would probably need a replacement if they are stained.

You will want to apply at the bare minimum at least two coats of a high quality exterior latex paint, permitting it to dry well( probably overnight) between coats of paint. Use a brush to paint your trim, while a roller or sprayer will be fine for the rest of your home.


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